The concept of the Antipolo Star Resort is to offer our guests the best "getaway for the day" experience that we can, we have taken a lot of care designing and building the resort and to create the ambience that you deserve when you visit. Below are a few do's and don'ts that will help us to ensure that you'll have a relaxing and hassle free time with us.


Operating hours : 7am to 6pm only


The Resort is closed from 6am to 8am and from 6pm to 8pm for maintenance and cleaning, Guests are requested to vacate the Resort either by 6am for night guests or 6pm for day guests. Guests are urged to take note of these times that proper maintenance can be performed on the Resort and swimming pools.


To avoid disappointment and it is Resort policy that you pay a deposit of 50% of the estimated total cost to confirm your booking, this guarantees you that the price quoted is locked in and that the accommodations that you have stipulated are what you will get.

Our cancellation policy is: if cancelled 24 hours prior to the commencement of the booking a FULL refund is forthcoming. if the cancellation is LESS than 24 hours before the comencement of the booking then NO refund will be forthcoming.


The Swimming Pools are closed for maintenance from 4am to 8am and from 5pm to 8pm. To ensure that our water is always pristine the Pools require this down time for regeneration.


One piece or two piece bathers, spandex or lycra materials, rash guards, swimming trunks. We stock a wide range of approved swimming attire for all sizes at very reasonable prices in the Kiosk at the Resort.



In country's around the world due to new very strict public health and safety laws, you must change into a clean speedo/lycra or a similar type of swimwear before ever entering a spa or pool. Lycra and nylon Rash tops are acceptable only if you showered with it on before entering the pool.

These health and safety laws were made to help stop the spread of all viral illness and contagious skin disease that can be caught from an infected person in a public swimming pool.

When a person comes into a public swimming pool wearing street or cotton clothes. You have no idea how long they have been wearing them before entering the pool, specially what was spat, wiped or spilled on them or if they have ever been washed. People swimming wouldn't know if the person swimming next to them had on clean or very dirty unwashed and skid marked underwear which could cause the spread of hepatitis or even genital herpes or if they are covering over a very infectious or contagious skin irritation under a tee shirt. This is why public spa's and pools have imposed a strict swimwear rule and you can no longer wear cotton tee shirts, underwear or any street clothing into public swimming pools.

Also you can't wear cotton because the fibers fray and clog up the filters. It's only a little bit but over a short time cotton lint will quickly clog up the filtration system.

In the interest of the majority of our customers The Antipolo Star Resort embrace and enforce these new swimming attire rules.

  1. Pool schedule is open from 8:00am – 5:00pm and 8:00pm – 4:00am. Do not enter the pool between the maintenance hours of 4am to 8am or 5pm to 8pm.
  2. When there is no lifeguard present in the area please feel free to contact the management otherwise entering the pool area is prohibited.
  3. Because we care, a person with a disability or children under 12 years old must be accompanied by their guardian/parents.
  4. We want you to swim in quality pool water so please wear the proper swimming attire. e.g spandex/lycra materials only, as discussed above.
  5. Please be respectful of other pool users.
  6. As a courtesy to other users of the pool, please NO: boisterous play/rough play, smoking, spitting, spouting from the mouth, blowing of nose, urinating in the pool.
  7. Food or drinks are not allowed inside of the pool. Glass or sharp objects are strictly prohibited.
  8. For your protection, People with communicable disease, ear or nasal discharged are not allowed to use the pool.
  9. A Person with considerable exposed Sub-epidermal tissues, open blisters or cuts must be warned that this may become infected and advised not to use the pool.
  10. Always be careful, we are not responsible for your own accidents and injuries. Every person is responsible for his own action.
  11. No climbing onto or diving from the edge of the pool.
  12. The manager or lifeguard on duty has the authority to enforce these rules and may not allow people to enter or may remove any person from the resort if they violate these rules and if they think it could risk the safety of other people.
  13. Stay safe and enjoy, no FROWNING allowed!


  1. For the comfort of most of our guests You are entering a smoke free environment. There are ASSIGNED SMOKING AREAS in the resort, Smoking will not be tolerated outside of theses areas.
  2. Drinking of alcohol is to be kept to levels that are not harmful or annoying to other people. The management has the right to ban or suspend people who drink alcohol to excess while within the resort.
  3. We have a good selection of beers and cocktail mixers available at the kiosk at very reasonable prices.
  4. Please avoid occupying kubos or dining tables that have been designated to other guests.
  5. Please avoid rowdy or rough behavior.
  6. Only portable players and radios are allowed in the premises. While in use, please keep the volume down to tolerable levels.
  7. The facility(ies) you rented is/are equipped with basic fixtures. Should any of these be damaged, found to be missing, soiled, or vandalized, said items will be charged to your account.
  8. The cleanliness of our area sets us apart from others. Make use of the trash bin provided specifically for food, and non-food items.
  9. Please do not bring pets.
  10. The management has the rights to implement additional rules and regulations for the safety of everybody.
  11. For other guest’s safety it is our right to ask those who disregard our rules or have become a nuisance to other guests, to leave the resort premises. The deposits/payments made by those guests who have been asked to leave are subject to forfeiture and are non-refundable.
  12. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  13. Firearms are not allowed (please deposit at the admin),
  14. We are not responsible for any losses to property, injuries to person (slightly serious, serious or fatal) which may occur inside the premises of the resort. Patrons are enjoined to exercise extreme care and diligence to avoid losses, damages and injuries.
  15. The management reserves the right to call the proper authorities for any necessary action if the guests fail to pay their bills upon notice thereof, or for any offenses that may be made on the part of the guests that may be prejudicial to the Resort or to other guests.